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Perv Elf
PERV the Elf is a hilarious plush elf with a HUGE secret. Press his hand and he'll waggle his tongue and remark with any one of 10+ raunchy 'holiday-related' phrases. HO! HO! HO! - Have tons of fun with these Christmas Gift ideas

Perv Elf | Christmas Gag Gifts
Christmas Gag Gifts
tags: perv the elf, dirty christmas gifts, funny perv the elf




Perv Elf | Christmas Gag Gifts
Christmas Gag Gifts

tags: perv the elf, dirty christmas gifts, funny perv the elf

Paris Manhole Mat Vessel Is Not Seaworthy Police Tape Pride Magnetic Triangle Bumper Magnet If My Smoking Bothers You Sticker Black Visor With Funny Gray Hair
Rasta Tom With Dreadlocks

Miss America Cover Up
Mega Magnetic Bullet Holes
I Only Cry Funny Baby Shirt
International Symbol Fridge Magnet
Bunny Get Well Doo Card
Kitty Crap

Parodies Bumper Stickers

Love Thy Neighbor But Dont Get Caught Vehicle Sticker
Varsity Pooper Funny Baby Shirt
Gun Control Means Using Both Hands Bumper Sticker
Fart Candy Pranks
Rude Stickers
Assholex Mighty Meds

Political Shirts

Pull My Finger Farting Pens
Shrink Art Jewelry
Animated Santa Baby Christmas Dog
Stupid Sticker
Finger Sport Football
Wisdom Bumper Stickers

Fridge Patrol

Toilet Mug
Of All Things Ive Lost Fun Sign
Desktop Aquarium Mini Kit
I Love Doo Funny Doos
Terrorist Suck Sticker
Wife And Dog Missing

Fart Spray

Cowards Diy Body Piercing Kit
Magnetic Bumper Prank Brokeback Mountain
Asshole Car Bumper Sticker
Out Of My Mind Bumper Sticker
Vandelay Industries Mug
Still Hot Car Sticker

Potty Mouth Pig Giant Pencil Control Your Woman Talking Remote Control Lifes All About Ass Sticker Remote Control Nasty Hairy Rat

I Love Ass Raping Sheep Magnet

Not Tense Magnet
Mom At Stressedoutcom Car Bumper Sticker
Electric Deck Magic Cards
Remember Ladies Sticker
Patriotic Tot Pacifier
Potty Tuxedo

Trick Exhaust Whistle

Control Farts Remotely
Magnetic Bumper Prank Warning Retarded
Deluxe Smashed Softball Gag
Deluxe Hockey Puck Smasher Gag
God Created Man First Vehicle Sticker
If You Like My Bumper Sticker

New Hampshire Sexy State Quarter

Potty T Shirt Tuxedo
Mean People Suck Fun Car Sign
Mooning Party Shorts
If You Think A Sticker
Have A Nice Day Car Bumper Sticker
Do It Yourself Prostate Exam

Sexual Bumper Stickers

Peta Bumper Sticker
Like What You See Bumper Sticker
Singing Barry Wonderful
Any Occasion Gift
Stupid People Should Not Procreate Bumper Sticker
Policy Prank Sign

Pull My Finger Farting Pen

Beer N Boobs Edible Pasties
Pussycat Sticker
Silly Costumes
Old Keychains
Giant Rubber Chicken
50 Pack Barack Obama Million Dollar Stimulus Bills

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